So you want to pitch a story at one of our Pitch Nights, but have some questions... Hopefully, this page can help!

We don’t do a Pitch Night for each show, so keep an eye on our Events page and keep an eye our our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages for announcements about our next one!


Do i have to sign up?

We ask people to reserve their spot at Pitch Night by filling out our story pitch form at:

Those who sign up by using the form will be part of the first group to pitch at the event. People can also sign up upon arrival. Those folks will be part of the second/last group. 

Since there is a time limit imposed on us (as much as we'd like to, we can't stay there all night), then folks who wait to sign up, run the risk of us running out of time before they can be heard. 

What if i can't make it?

Participating at Pitch Night is NOT the only way to submit a story for consideration at one of our shows, but rather, it is the first way. There is a risk of there being fewer spaces left to fill in the show for those stories which are pitched afterward and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to hear everyone's pitches, who need to pitch afterward, but we always recommend submitting. We love to hear stories and sometimes a story submitted for one show might find a home in another show, down the road!

How long should my story bE?

We will be enforcing a 6 minute limit for stories pitched at Pitch Night. We will provide some indicator when 5 minutes comes and tellers will be cut off at 6 minutes. There are different approaches a storyteller might take, given the time constraint: (a) tell a 6 minute version of the story; or (b) tell as much of the story as you can in 6 minutes until you are cut off. We are developing a way to interview each participant (in some fashion) after their pitch, to get more information from them so we have a bigger picture of their idea when we move to the decision-making phase of the process.

Stories chosen for the show will be developed into 10-12 minute stories. 

what happens if you choose my story?

Storytellers chosen for the show will be expected to participate in up to 3 rehearsals (about 1 hour each) during which time they will work with a Story Coach (member of our Story Team) to shape their story and get it to the right length. The storyteller will be expected to do their "homework" in preparation for each rehearsal. The night before the show is a group rehearsal/dinner... and then, of course, there's the show. There are a few other details that will be shared along the way, but as far as time-commitments, it's not too intense!

what happens if you don't choose my story?

One of the main reasons we are hosting Pitch Nights is so that we can give more people more opportunities to tell stories in front of more people, and thereby further spreading the word that stories have the power to bring people together! If your story is not chosen, you’ll still have gotten to share it with the audience at Pitch Night, which is truly a special gift.

Oh, and did we mention...? Everyone who makes a sincere pitch at Pitch Night receives a free ticket to the show. If your story is chosen, you can transfer the ticket to a friend!

ALSO - keep in mind that telling a story at Pitch Night and in our main-stage shows, are only two of the ways True Theatre helps people share their stories! We are now working on a podcast and exploring ways to help more people share their stories. Throughout the years, we have always wished we could share the stories of more than just the 20-or-so people who appear on our stage each season. NOW we are exploring all sorts of different avenues to do that, so stay tuned and, by all means, keep telling your stories!

what if i still have a question?

We're here to help! Write us at stories<AT>truetheatre<DOT>com and we'll get back to you just as fast as we can!